How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof?

A roof of your house is one of the most essential parts. So, it is necessary to know when it is time to replace it. If your roof is in poor condition, you will get water in your house, and it may lead to a lot of damage. You want to avoid dealing with molds, moldy wood, soaked carpets, and other personal property destroyed. When it comesto dealing with the roof, it is always worth being proactive. To save money and the stress of damaged property, you should check these signs to see when it may be thecorrect time to replace your old roof. If you need your roof fixed the best choice will be roof replacement in Los Angeles by Titan Upgrades and surely, they will help you with roof inspection. So, let’s look at some signs that show that the roof is in poor condition.

Cracked roof tiles

cracked roof tile image

Look for signs or cracked shingles that will act as a sign of old age. The sun generally breaks the asphalt layers on the shingles, which causes them to shrink andeventually begin to curl and crack. Once this happens, they will be exposed to high winds and begin to fall, creating space for water to seep into your house.

Missing tiles

The next warning sign that all is not well with your roof is when you discover that tilesare missing. Sometimes you will spot them in your yard. That is because the tar is used to join them has been eroded and weakened. That is the point where you can make repairs while planning a full replacement. Once the tiles begin to fall, you can be sure that it will not be long before the water flows into your house.

Black spots

You should be attentive enough to notice any black spots on the surface as a sign that the tiles have lost granules and will be the following. The granules provide protection on asphalt tiles so that the sun does not influence them. It is almost evident that old tiles will gradually lose their granules, and when the asphalt is exposed, they will quickly disappear. You must replace these tiles as soon as possible so that the water does not reach your house.

Excess moisture on the surface of the roof

While some algae may grow on the surface, many of them represent a warning sign that all is not well. Moss will dig his roots in the roof tiles while trying to expand his root network and, in this case, destroy the tiles. When the transition between the tilesbegins, it will eventually separate them and make it easier for the winds to blow them. There are cases of seaweed on the surface that can be cleaned, but as the problem persists for a while, you should replace your roof once and for all.

Stains in the attic

Spend some time to check your roof from the attic. In particular, you should look for wet areas or water spots to make sure that the roof is still intact. If there are any stains, check the area carefully to find the cause.